This Month in Music: June 2013

(I added the 2013 in hopes that I’ll still be blogging and finding new music this time next year.)


Coffitivity1. So the first item on the list isn’t exactly music, but I’m listening to it right now.
Do you enjoy working in a coffee shop purely for the background noise? The low conversation, the whirring of the coffee grinder, and the occasional clatter of mugs is enough to make me brave the hipsters and spend the $4.87 on my favorite beverage. However, there are those days when I feel like staying in my pajamas, can’t afford coffee, or simply don’t want to be around people, and those days call for Coffitivity. This nifty site plays a constant stream of café noise, and to me, it’s wonderfully soothing and allows me to focus. It’s free, and the creators will be releasing an app soon!

Photo by: Matt Eich

Photo by: Matt Eich

2. Favorite Artist: The Last Bison. My best friend introduced me to this group composed of seven friends and family (they were all home-schooled together) back in December, and I instantly fell in love with an  Their debut album, Inheritance, is a knock out that will remind you of “Mumford & Sons, The Decemberists and Fleet Foxes,” a comparison I heartily agree with. My favorites are “Switzerland,” “River Rhine,” and “Setting Our Tables.” I’m currently in love with their cover of M83’s “Midnight City.”



3. Favorite Album: Without Words, by Bethel Music. I found the album on Spotify in some search results, and thought I’d give it a listen. Silly me kept listening for lyrics, but then I realized that the album is literally without words, it’s just a great mix of instrumental music that’s ideal for relaxation, studying, etc. This is the first instrumental album by a worship band that I’ve heard, and I really like it. I just might have to buy it…

4. Favorite Song: “Disney Dudez”  by IM5 and Todrick Hall. The video begins with the Disney princesses breaking up with their respective suitors, and as the princes mourn their losses, a mouse-eared janitor walks in and encourages them to break out in song rather than mope. “Disney Dudez” is a boyband mashup of hit Disney songs such as “Kiss the Girl,” “Tale as Old as Time,” and “So This is Love.” The boys even set “A Whole New World” to the tune of One Direction’s “That’s What Makes You Beautiful.” I’m just so in love with this song, despite my tendency to keep boy bands at arm’s length. Once again, Todrick has put a modern and entertaining twist on the old with hilarious concepts, great talent, and teenage boys willing to dress up as princesses.

Wulp, that’s my June in music! Do you already know any of these artists I mentioned? What’s some new music you’ve recently discovered?

Until then,


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