So, everyone loves Harry Potter, right? Unfortunately, the series is over, but I love finding parodies and continuations like these. HISHE, or How It Should Have Ended, is a YouTube channel devoted to taking the latest and greatest movies and exposing the loopholes and giving them a much simpler ending through fantastic animation, talented voice re-creations, and witty humor.
I couldn’t find their original Harry Potter parody, so I had to use one from a different channel. However, I strongly encourage you to go here to check out all their videos. They’ve covered everything from Lord of the Rings to Bioshock, Texas Chainsaw Massacre to The Wizard of Oz, and Twilight to The Avengers. Go check these guys out and start your Monday off the right way…
Busting a gut and nodding at your computer!


Until then!



Monday Morning Pick-Me-Up: HISHE’s Harry Potter

4 thoughts on “Monday Morning Pick-Me-Up: HISHE’s Harry Potter

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