10 How Tos On Moving To New York City

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I moved to New York for myself. Not for anyone else. A certain someone does live here, and I admit that was a draw. But I knew I wanted to be in a place that was different. A place that was tough and loud and big and proud. That’s New York City.

The things I’ve learned so far aren’t ground-breaking, life- altering lessons. They are simple yet profound, expected but necessary. Lessons that are essential for someone who was raised in the suburbs and went to a college that was also a botanical garden. I came here to struggle, and struggle I have. And I’m loving every minute of it. Here’s a list of things I’ve learned to do, and things you may also want to know how to do, just in case you find yourself in a similar situation.

1. How to sleep on a mattress in the sweltering…

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A Quick Note

To my dear readers, 

I apologize for not posting any content for this past week. Jet lag was quite the female dog, and on top of that, there’s an epidemic of stomach viruses in my region, and I was one of the lucky pioneers. Bleh. 

I’m back to normal now, so we’ll be right on schedule for Monday! And I’ll try to come up with a “This Month in Music” post today! 

Until then!