Days 1-4 of San José

So… It’s been a while. I’m so sorry that I’m not a faithful blogger!

Anyway, so I’m now in the beautiful country of Costa Rica for a study abroad trip. (As an English major, I’m required to take 12 foreign language credits, so I thought I’d knock half of them out in one month!) My best friend, Amelia, has come along as a student, too, and I couldn’t be happier. Granted, there were bumps along the road, but I daresay I’m optimistic.


Some of these bumps included cell phone issues (first world problem), communication trouble with our Tika host mama who speaks no English, exam anxiety, culture shock, homesickness, and my only complaint: poor plumbing. Why, oh why do my travels take me to places that force me to throw away my toilet paper rather than flush it?? Yuck!

But there are scenic views whilst on the bumpy road (literally!). I’ve traversed through a rain forest that rested on a volcano. I met one of my two favorite animals, the ocelot. I nearly cried from the beauty that pours from waterfalls. Plus, I’ve made some great friends along the way.


Also, I’m using this month to stow away the distractions (blogging isn’t helping, but I’ll be thankful for it in the long run) and re-focus on what’s important. I fell out of my praying/Bible-reading routine, so I’ve been trying to get myself back into it. The mornings I’ve had time to read and pray have been the most peaceful. We’ll see how it goes!


Until next time!