Days 10-14 in San José

Hola from Costa Rica! Here I am basking in another rainy, “wintry” day here in San José.


Ah, our first weekend in beautiful Costa Rica. Our program offered a weekend excursion to Tortuga Island, and of course we said yes! I highly recommend taking a day cruise out to one of these islands. We were fed breakfast and lunch and were given the chance to ride a banana boat and go snorkeling. Calypso Cruises did a fabulous job!

Oh, and Tortuga Island? Stinking beautiful.


We loved the beach so much that we came home, then woke up early the next day to embark on a journey to Jaco. Jaco was an okay beach, but we met some fellow Americans who stuck with us throughout the day. Because it was Sunday, I decided to make my church right there on the beach. Earlier in the week, God had given me 2 Chronicles 3 to read, and its irrelevance confused me. I jotted it down anyway, but there at the beach, I flipped to it again and found verse 8:

“Then he made the most holy place…”

Solomon was building the temple in this chapter. Now, I know the beach in Jaco doesn’t compare to the splendor that was Solomon’s temple, but I knew God told me that brick walls and a worship band and an audio system weren’t necessary. So right there on the shore, I sang all the ocean-themed worship songs, then prayed as I walked through the tide, and read Ephesians 5 on my beach towel. I know there’s a parable that says it’s folly to build a house on sand, but my goodness, my little sand church was wonderful to me!

Unfortunately, it meant that I was sunburned twice in two days, and by Tuesday, I was looking like this:


(The one on the right is normal me). I suffered a lovely case of sun poisoning, and I was swollen for quite a few days. I had to give my presentation, go to the market, visit the museum, and generally be around people looking like Violet Beauregarde from Willy Wonka! (The Oompa Loompas are my roommates nursing me back to health! Ha! Source.)

The Oompa Loompas are my roommates, who helped nurse me back to health

So kids, ALWAYS WEAR SUNBLOCK. Especially when you’re closer to the equator.

Meanwhile, the Museo Nacional de Costa Rica was very interesting! My favorite exhibit was the indigenous Barbies:

"We bring the head of the enemy. Let the feast begin!"

“We bring the head of the enemy. Let the feast begin!”

The rest of the week was packed with school work. A few classmates and I put together a newspaper completely in Spanish. We’re super proud of it:


And of course, what’s cramming without a little coffee?


My lovely bestie getting some joe here at UCR

We’ll see how Thursday’s test goes!


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